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[mood| Photobucket excited]

...since I rock and rolled! Actually, it's been a long since a lot of things. It's been a long time since I felt this excited.

So far, 2009 is looking good with two trips planned out. I'll finally be taking my first-ever vacation leave. (Oo, first-ever!) I'll be going to Manila for around five days. I can't believe it's been two years since the last time I was in Manila. I miss the life I had back there and all the friends I left. Manila became my playground for only five years, but in that short span of time life-long bonds were formed, and yeah, maybe distance has somehow strengthened the bond, but man, I miss them like crazy. I just felt more like myself with them.

The other trip, well it's with family. It'll be probably the last family trip abroad we take together. Awww, I'm so sentimental. I hate it. My brother's all grown up na. I hate the fact that he's forced to grow up, but yeah, it's the path he's carved for himself. He's big boy, he'll know how to handle it. I hope. Somehow, I blame myself. Maybe I should've talked to him more. Maybe I was too selfish living my own life and getting wrapped up in it. *Deep, heavy sigh*

Ok on to more trivial matters, like actually updating my blog. I was in Iloilo for the weekend. A client got me and Chuckie to host an event in line with the Dinagyang Festival. I was there on domestic capacity so I wasn't really able to enjoy. No, scratch that. I wasn't able to enjoy at all! It was one big misadventure from the start!

I was booked into a hotel but because I wanted to be with Carlo, I opted not to take the room and find some other cheap accomodation, which we will pay for ourselves. We were feeling adventurous and wanted to be like backpackers not knowing where to go and just letting our feet guide us. As expected, but we were hoping against it, all hotels/motels/lodges/pension houses were booked out. I had to be briefed by the organizer and then briefed again by the client so I was basically on call the moment I got to Iloilo on Saturday. In effect, Carlo had to look for a room by himself with all our baggage. (Ok, I exaggerate. Baggage was a backpack and a duffel bag.) Anyway, he was able to work something out by late evening and when I got to the place, I just wrapped myself around him and cried all the stress out. I couldn't help myself, I felt bad for what happened. I felt bad that that dingy place was sooooo overpriced. I felt bad that he had to travel on foot while looking for a place all over Iloilo because no jeeps and taxis were allowed in because of the fiesta. I felt bad that he tired himself out for hours! And all the while I was crying and feeling bad for him and for us, he had this big smile and would occasionally laugh. So much for the drama. But yeah, I'm glad we were in it together. Looking back, we did want an adventure to start with, we just got the 'mis-' prefix along the way.


Yey! An actual update. It's been a long time since I sat in front of the computer and updated. This makes me happy. I should do this more :)

hi soph!yeah you should do this more often!miss you!- rica
yeah, i'll try to update more often. i actually kinda miss it. hehe