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[mood| lonely lonely]
[music| random stuff on the Killerbee playlist]

Do you know what it feels like to want to belong?
It's a heavy, pathetic feeling that likes to linger on and stays well past its welcome.

And once you start feeling a little positive about the situation, like you've started to "settle in", that you've started to move forward and you've started feeling like you belong, you are somehow cleverly reminded that you are still just the outsider looking into their world. It's the little everyday things that remind you that you are, indeed, still the outsider looking in. Crushing. 

kung malapit lang ang bacolod, nasa calea na tayo ngayon...
*hugs back*

kung malapit lang din ang manila, nasa happy homes tayong lahat ngayon...
*hug* soph.
thanks...but may i please know who this is?