nicked from almi.


1. answer the questions below.
2. take each answer and type it into google.
3. take a picture from the first page of results and post.
4. you can't copy the answers of the person who posted this before you.

the age you will be on your next birthday

a place you'd like to travel to

your favorite place

your favorite food

your favorite animal

your favorite color

the first name of your significant other

the town in which you live

your nickname/screen name

your first job

a bad habit you have

your worst fear


I know there should only be one picture per answer, but can i help it if i have 2 favorite animals or colors? Hehe (daya!). Funny answer to my SO's first name. Hey! That was the first image when I googled "Carlo". And the worst fear answer isn't that obvious neh? I googled empty elevators and that's what came up as first.

nuninuninuninu....ahm hangri na!