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Surprises marked the twenty third year of my life. Some great, some I wish never came, but well life happens and I feel oh-so-blessed and thankful. :)

I am thankful to and for family. Since both 'rents are out of the country my titas surprised me a day before my birthday. Actually they were supposed to come by on the day of my birthday but I told them that I would be hitting the beach and that I had made reservations already. I felt bad about it because stuff like this rarely happens. So Tita Jane, Tita Toots, Manang Annette, K, Margaux and the kiddies Yunis, Frank and Fancine all came the night before with pancit and a big yummy buko pandan cake. It was nothing big, just a little gathering. T'was fun playing with the kiddies and the kiddies loved running amok in the yard. Love. Too bad I didn't get any pictures, though.

Turns out they're going to Lakawon the very next day as well, although they didn't stay for the night :).

Was supposed to head off to the beach early, but we all know what early is like. Haha. Was there with Lalalove, of course, and two friends Diwa and Jarry. (Yeah, guess I must reconnect. It's hard being/feeling so alone.) Had a riot playing with "Pacquiao" cards. There were only four of us and there were four liters of Red Horse 'coz I was expecting a little more people to come along. Suffice it to say the four liters were gone by the end of the trip. Go figure. Got a much-needed tan.

On the drive home to Bacolod I wasn't feeling all too well. I was feeling a little feverish and I could feel myself getting hot all over. By the time I reached home at around 3pm, I headed straight to my room and under the covers. Yeah sure I was hot (literally), but I was feeling freakishly cold. And 3pm in the summer is not a good time to hide under the covers. I fell asleep because I was dead tired but woke up shortly after and this time I was feeling hot. I checked my temperature and it read 38. As hot as I was, I wasn't sweating. My grandma made me take medicine (and I hate taking medicine because I feel like it's not the "natural" way). After around an hour or so my temperature rose to 39 and it kept rising after that to 40. Now that got me scared. I was feeling a little too woozy by then and I was afraid another degree higher and I would loose all consciousness and my insides would boil up and get cooked. No exaggeration, but seriously, if you touched me I was super hot. I considered going to the hospital, but the thought scared me even more. Haha. My brother tried cooling me down and I wasn't allowed to move lest I "heat up" even more. Love rushed to the house and stayed in my room (cue to say "aaaawwww"). Surprisingly Lola allowed him to stay in my room. Anyway, as soon as I started sweating, my temperature ever-so-slowly got back down. So that's that. I recovered after two days :)

I got my hair curled in line with my own personal new year. Wheeness! Next on my list before this month is over: get that nose-piercing I've always talked about!

The day after I got my hair curled, someone broke into our house in the dead of the night. None of us noticed. I was fast asleep and although my lola and brother heard some noises they didn't really see anything, which is a blessing in disguise. Had they come face to face with the thief/ves who knows what might have happened next. Another Tandang Sora accident? Thank GOD, no!

Come to think of it, I've already lived through something similar back then. Only when I woke up back then, blood-smeared walls and a dead body were what I saw. Thank GOD, this wasn't the case this time.

They got away with my mom's cellphone (the one she leaves her when she flies to Jeddah), my videocam (it got me through college and thesis!) and my mom's jewellry (mamanahin ko pa naman din yung mga yun). And and and, the whole akyat-bahay thing upstaged my newly curled hair when I got to work. So instead of people talking about my hair, the focus was on the break-in. Hohum, that's just me looking at it differently :p

But seriously, in spite of all that shit, I don't feel the least bit down. Seriously. Surprisingly. Maybe it's because as close to death as I was again this time, all this just reconfirmed that 'nope, it ain't my time yet coz there's something left for me to do'. What that is, I don't know yet. But thank You, Lord, because you didn't let any of the people I fiercely love get harmed. I have so much to be thankful for. I love my life and everybody who is/has been part of it :)

Hmmm...I wonder what else life has in store. But I'll take it, whatever it is. I'll take it all! Hey, I'm 23. And I'm still kickin'.